Rolex Creative Referral Program celebrates Venice

In October 2013, many of the world's top artists and international art leaders gathered in Venice to swiss replica watches celebrate the one-year 2012-2013 replica watches Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative. The charity project aims to help emerging young artists from seven art fields collaborate with art masters. \ On October 21, Margaret Atwood, Gilberto Gil, William Kentridge, Lin Huai-min, Walter Murch, (Kazuyo Sejima), respectively, from the literature, music, visual arts, dance, film and architecture tutors together with their young students, attended the famous Venice in the Phoenix (La Fenice) held a celebration dinner. Rolex Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Gian Riccardo Marini, celebrates more than 500 guests and presides over the celebration. \ At the same time, in order to pay tribute to the current drama tutor Patrice • Jaé (Patrice Chéreau) the unfortunate death, the day also held a special ceremony. Rolex is deeply grateful for his contribution to the Creativity Funding Scheme and his infinite wisdom and experience to the younger generation. On the eve of the celebration, the students were still "Rolex Arts Weekend" (Rolex Arts Weekend) to show their creation in the past year. This well-planned festival was held at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini from October 19 to 20. The Ceni Foundation was originally a Benedictine monastery and is now fully committed to artistic creation and study. \ Since its inception in 2002, the Rolex Creative Referral Program has been celebrated for the first time in Italy. As an important art center in the world, Venice has a long history, the desire for art has long been rooted in this germination, flourishing, and thus become the celebration of the best choice. \ "The artistic heritage is the original intention of the Rolex Creativity Funding Scheme, and Venice is the ideal place to celebrate and showcase this program," said Rebecca Irvin, head of Rolex Charity Affairs, Roberto Irvin. The new tutor and the students were in pairs, and spent a few weeks together, they discussed the art, the master and the inspiration between the genius and the talent to benefit each other. \ The value of this rare experience is demonstrated in the works of art, performances, works, dialogues and live works created by the students, both of which are presented at the Rolex Art Weekend, including the dance students Edwardduo Fukushima (Eduardo Fukushima) debut Crooked Man, the work created in Lin Huaimin in Taiwan for its careful guidance period; and music door Dina • El Vididi (Dina El Wedidi) concert. Vididi will sing the song in the first album, mentor Gilberto Jill also with the same stage, he not only guide the Vididy album, the two also co-recorded a song. \ During the weekend, there was also a cross-border discussion, 12 minutes of dialogue, Lin Huai-min, Gilberto Jill, writer Wole Soyinka and Harvard University professor of literature Homi Baba (HomiK . Bhabha and other artists are all present. \ 2012 - 2013 Guidance Year Highlights: For the literary writer, the British writer Naomi Alderman (Naomi Alderman), this year he and Margaret Atwood was removed from London, Toronto and New York, to discuss literature, books and future writing direction The With the common interest in science and technology, they also created a novel Zombie Sunrise Home for zombies in collaboration with the Wattpad platform. The drama tutor Patrice Shah, at the beginning of the guide, went to Cracow to watch the door, the Polish director Michał Borczuch, on Henrik Ibsen's drama "Brown Germany "(Brand) adaptation of the creation. Later they met again in Paris, Milan and Aks in Provence, and Bossack was able to watch Jaipur's preparations, rehearsals and performances for Richard Strauss's opera "Elektra". With different drama traditional background of the master and the students, using different artistic techniques, the nature and purpose of the drama for up to a year of lively discussion. Egyptian musician Dina El Vididi boarded the world stage at the expense of Gilberto Jill. In addition to Jill to go to Montreux, New York and Rio de Janeiro, she also appeared with the instructor in London Back2Black Festival stage, then Jill returned to the motherland to participate in the fifth Cairo Jazz Festival (Cairo Jazz Festival), the two also Once on stage. Inspired by Jill, Al Vididi and her band are full of powerful and unique personality. Sara Fgaier, an Italian filmmaker, has traveled to Cannes, Copenhagen and New York to meet with mentor Walter Murch, who has been able to attend a series of advanced film editing techniques by participating in a master program in film editing. During his visit to the United States, she also had the opportunity to watch the Matsi editorial documentary "Particle Fever". At the invitation of Lin Huaimin, Brazilian children with Asian descent Eddie Fukushima spent a year at the Cloud Gate Dance Theater in Taiwan. Changes in the environment and new cultural experiences, including harvesting of rice, participation in pilgrimage, have prompted Fukushima to have a new understanding of the use of limbs. Colombian visual arts Mateo López and the artist William Kent Ridge's art dialogue opened in the United States, stirring in Amsterdam, when Kent Ridge is there to perform, then in Johannesburg, Lopez in his Working in the studio with Kent Ridge for several weeks. Kent Ridge challenged Lopez's artistic creation, taking him out of his own way - the precision drawing and encouraging him to refer to more art forms, including performing arts. During the guidance period, the young Chinese architect Zhao Yang went to Japan eight times to receive the guidance of the mentor and the world "home" design - "homeland" is designed for the 2011 tsunami in the Japanese tsunami designed Living area. Two architects inspired each other, repeatedly scrutinized the design concept, the common love of architecture beyond their age, experience and cultural differences.